AI tool to help
underwater nature

Solving the problems of underwater and beach litter, vegetation and animal migration by using drones and AI computer vision

What Is necogi?

AI detection done right.

With necogi it is possible to leverage powerful hand crafted convolutional neural network trained on over 10 000 images to detect

  • Underwater garbage plastic bottles, batteries, shopping bags, tires, shoes and many more
  • Vegetation track growth and progress of underwater plants like posidonia oceanica
  • Animals visualize migrations of animals like sea urchin, noble pen shell or fan mussel
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Neural network power to fight pollution

Getting rid of macroplastics to reduce microplastic concentration in the seas and rivers. Helping animals by reducing deadly plastic bags, straws and aluminum cans.

Collect data

Quick area coverage

Custom algorithms to cover desired area in shortest time, augmented with software to help organize and visually inspect raw input data.

Do the work

Optimized For Underwater Images

With over 10 000 images that were collected over all seasons, weather conditions, water properties, wave intensity, we trained our neural network to detect various types of garbage, vegetation and animals.

Easy to customize

Make It Your Own

Use ML transfer learning to repurpose detector while maintaining our custom made pipeline.

Our Awesome Team

We take pride in the people we work with. This is because we all collectively help each other become more awesome every day.

Ivan Biliškov

Founder and AI expert

Antonija Glaurdić

Marine biologist and ecologist

Mirela Mravak

Operating manager

Vlado Sever


Marko Roje


Vatroslav Divić

Dron operator

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is necogi?

necogi is a AI tool that uses drone images to get information about underwater things

Can I try it?

We're working very hard to have it production level ready. However, we can demo it to you.

Where can I see it in action?

Contact us and we can schedule some live demo (during capture phase and/or detection)

Where are you from?

We're from Split, Croatia. Cleaning and taking care of our sea is something we are though from young age.

Where did you get your training dataset?

We spent hours and hours inspecting our shore, taking drone images, labeling and annotating thousands of images. All of the data is collected by us.

Can you send me the data?

It's just for internal use and we cannot offer guarantees yet.

Why not UAV?

Of course, we plan to use that in the future. However, those are not accessible as air drones, need to have cable and generally are not fast in covering large areas.

Do you need my help?

Sure thing, use contact form on this page to get in touch with us.

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Organizations that support and value our work to keep our sea clean.

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